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Admittedly, these days, good news can seem in short supply. But one of the things that we’ve always focused on is “what’s going right, what’s going well?” We can always complain, or we can find the silver lining. So, during a year when adolescent girls faced more challenges than ever, we’ve got several bright spots that we could not have accomplished without YOU.

Major Gratitude to Claire Zammit and the Feminine Power Community

Just in time for the Holidays, Claire Zammit and her indomitable Feminine Power Community raised nearly $40,000 with over 300 community members participating during a virtual live event. Just Like My Child Foundation’s Country Director in Uganda, Audrey Kanyesigye sent this important thank you message to Claire and the entire Feminine Power community. Claire and Feminine Power have been supporting Girl Power Project since 2009 and believed in the vision of empowering adolescent girls when it was just an idea. Thank you so much, Claire and Feminine Power!

Audrey and the JLMC Uganda team will use these funds to reach millions of girls in 2022 via their Girl Power Radio Hour. Check out their “podcast” at

Girl Power Project® India finally in classrooms

Standing strong against wave after wave of Covid in India, JLMC’s country director, Pankhuri Sehgal has begun delivering Girl Power Project in Hindi in classrooms in Rishikesh, India. We are so grateful to finally have access to girls who need Girl Power knowledge so desperately.

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Congratulations Namata Josephine

We met Namata Josephine in 2009 in one of the most remote, vulnerable fishing villages in the country. The HIV rate there was nearly 30%, there was no sewage system or sanitation, there was no formal school. And there we met this sweet, polished little girl with a sensitive heart and sharp intelligence that has carried her through over 12 years of grueling education, family challenges, disease and finally extreme accomplishment.

Namata just graduated from University with an advanced degree in accounting and is already employed in her field and working hard. She now has the tools that no one can take away from her: knowledge, education, income generating ability, and control over her uterus and her body because she knows her value and has found her voice. THAT’s how you change the world, one girl at a time. 

Namata, we are very proud of you for reaching this momentous accomplishment, your hard work and perseverance have been extraordinary to watch. You are a strong person finding ingenuity and resolution you didn’t know you had amidst challenges. Congratulations upon your degree!! You have made us proud.

Thank you to everyone, including Josephine’s long term sponsor Kristen McCabe and her husband Scott Saham, who has made this possible through our #MandelaProject. Your donations are changing the lives of many girls in Uganda. Thank you for transforming the world, one girl at a time.


Follow JLMC on Instagram @justlikemychild and Facebook @justlikemychildfoundation for more updates on the progress of this partnership.

About Just Like My Child Foundation: About Just Like My Child Foundation: Since its founding in 2006, Just Like My Child Foundation has developed deep partnerships with rural communities in Africa to deliver sustainable programs that address health care, education, microenterprise, social justice, and women/girls’ empowerment. Through that work, JLMC came to understand that empowering vulnerable adolescent girls to amplify their voices and achieve their fullest potential is the most powerful weapon in disrupting the cycle of poverty. Today, Just Like My Child Foundation is focused on expanding its evidence-based, replicable model of girls empowerment, Girl Power Project® Global, beginning in the US with the Lakota Sioux Nation in South Dakota, and in Rishikesh, India.  Learn more about our quest to transform the world, one girl at a time, at

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