Girl Power Project® Goes Global

The Girl Power Project® Goes Global

Support Girls:

Empowered girls dramatically improve the wellbeing of their families, their communities, and their countries—multiplying the impact on society.

When you invest in a girl, the whole world benefits.

Just Like My Child Foundation’s Girl Power Project® is a transformational program targeting girls around the world as they enter the most vulnerable juncture of their lives: adolescence. This project steps in just as girls face the choices that will lead them to a life of early marriage, pregnancy, and disease OR a life of education, economic independence, and delayed marriage.

That’s why JLMC is investing in one of the most effective ways to create a global shift at the grassroots level: life skills and mentoring training for adolescent girls ages 12-15 so they are equipped to stay in school and avoid forced child marriage, early pregnancy, and disease.

The dream has always been to have Girl Power Project® go Global. It was created by working together, hand in hand with local community leaders, social workers, teachers, lawyers and health professionals. The curriculum was created to be replicable and transportable, using simple, kid-friendly language, making it entertaining and educational to any girl, anywhere in the world.

Two separate rounds of data collection and monitoring and evaluation of the impact of Girl Power Project on girls and communities were conducted. Both have proven a statistical change in the attitudes of girls and communities about their belief in themselves and their power, clearing the obstacles that girls have encountered to stay in school, avoid forced child marriage, early pregnancy, gender-based violence and disease. This data provides the evidence we have been waiting for to leverage Girl Power Project® for global impact.

In 2020, we achieved our dream of engaging with other partners both in the United States and in India with the intention to train and license them in the implementation of Girl Power Project. These partners are critical in working with the curriculum to tailor the content, language, and delivery for cultural relevance and appropriateness. Find out more details on these pages!

Step 1: Laying the Foundation

The Girl Power Project® aims to reach 50-80% of girls, aged 12-15 years, within a community with curriculum that is delivered through an intensive two-year program. Before Just Like My Child Foundation trains girls in the Girl Power Project® curriculum, essential community stakeholders gain the knowledge that is needed to support empowered girls.

JLMC lays the foundation for girls’ empowerment by:

♥ Implementing Population Council’s Girl Roster Toolkit.

In partnership with community leaders, JLMC utilizes Population Council’s Girl Roster and Building Assets Toolkits to gain insight into specific issues faced by a community and to document how many adolescent girls live in each community served by the Girl Power Project®, which helps ensure that 50-80% of girls are reached.

♥ Teaching communities about the law and human rights

Local leaders are trained as “paralegals” (called Community Legal Volunteers) and host community dialogues to educate their community about human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, the laws of the country and how to refer violations against these rights to the appropriate authorities.

♥ Signing a covenant with the community.

Girl Power Project® Coordinators and Community Legal Volunteers meet with teachers and parents to explain girls’ rights and the Girl Power Project® curriculum. Parents and teachers sign a formal agreement that proves the community values the empowerment of girls, as well as their commitment to support their daughters through the Girl Power Project®.

Step 2: Workshops for Girls, Boys & Adults

Workshop #1: Introduction to Girl Power

3-Day Workshop
21 Total Hours
50 Girls per School

JLMC works alongside primary school communities to create positive learning environments so girls can stay in school, learn, and excel. This three-day workshop is conducted with 50 girls from each school to facilitate discussion and understanding of essential social survival skills.

Topics include:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Communication Skills
  • Peer Pressure
  • Puberty and Menstruation
  • Gender Roles
  • Violence Against Girls


Boys’ Training

1-Day Workshop
7 Total Hours
50 Boys per School

Topics include:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Puberty
  • Leadership
  • How to Support Girls

Workshop for Adults: Becoming Advocates for Girls

3-Day Workshop
21 Total Hours
30 Women and Men per School

Girl Power Project® Advocates are trusted adults in the community who learn the same Girl Power Project® curriculum that girls learn, and they’re equipped to support and mentor the girls in their community.

Workshop #2: Developing Mentors

3-Day Workshop
21 Total Hours
50 Girls per School

The same 50 girls from each school participate in another three-day workshop where they learn the importance and advantages of becoming mentors for their peers.

The second three-day workshop dives deeper into:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • Career Goals
  • Leadership
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health


Boys’ Training

1-Day Workshop
7 Total Hours
50 Boys per School

Topics include:

  • Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Gender Roles
  • Mentoring
  • Gender-based Violence

Bonus Workshop #3: Camp Girl Power

2-Day Sleepover Camp
14 Total Hours
50 Girls

The top 20% (10 girls) from each school are chosen by their peers, teachers, and Girl Power Project® Coordinators to attend Camp where they’ll graduate as Girl Power Project® Peer Mentors. Campers learn how to be effective mentors and receive AFRIpads, reusable menstrual pads that help girls maintain good hygiene and are critical for staying healthy and in school.

Step 3: After-School Clubs

12 Monthly Club Sessions
2 Hours Each, 24 Hours Total

With help from local partners and trusted adults in the community, JLMC’s program facilitators help girl Peer Mentors share what they have learned with others (including girls who do not attend school) through 12 monthly club sessions. Each Club Session reinforces the curriculum covered in the first two workshops by supplementing girls’ knowledge with additional skills and resources. Some club sessions invite the entire community to participate, so that girls are learning alongside their parents, guardians, and siblings.

Click the boxes below to learn more about each topic:

♥ Safe Spaces: Creating a Circle of Trust with Your Friends and Community

A Bright Future Begins with Safe Spaces: How to Create a Circle of Trust with Your Friends and Community
In this Club Session, girls discuss the definition of a safe space and identify community services. They learn how to develop maps and work together to determine locations in their community where they can meet friends safely and privately at least once a week.

♥ Human Rights: Know Your Rights and How to Defend Them

Know Your Human Rights: Understanding Basic Protections Under the Law and How to Defend Them
Girls discuss their human rights and learn about how to defend them, using the network of legal support in their communities. This Club Session is delivered in partnership with Community Legal Volunteers: adults who advocate for girls’ rights and have been trained as paralegals to help uphold the law within their community.

♥ Sexual and Reproductive Health: Know How Your Body Works

Protect Your Future: Know How Your Body Works
This Club Session covers sexual and reproductive health education, and is delivered in partnership with Reproductive Health Uganda, a local organization providing rights-based sexual reproductive health information and services to vulnerable communities, especially youth.

♥ Financial Literacy: Planning Your Financial Future

In partnership with Mentor | Coach | Empower, this topic is spread across three Club Sessions so that girls gain the skills and confidence to create a budget and know how to track their income and spending:

Planning Your Financial Future:

  • Part I: Learn How to Improve Your Life by Saving Your Money
  • Part II: Learn How to Control Your Income and Spending by Creating a Budget
  • Part III: Learn the Steps to Becoming a Smart Business Woman and Entrepreneur

♥ Civic Education: Know How Your Government Works and Your Role in Society

With the help of local government officials, in this Club Session, girls learn about different forms of government, including the government structure in Uganda and how (and why) to vote.

♥ Self Defense: Defend Your Body

In this Club Session, girls learn basic self-defense and ways to attract help in partnership with local police officers.

♥ Know Your Status: Protect Your Future

Girls gain control over their access to public health services in this Club Session facilitated in partnership with Bishop Asili Hospital. Girls mobilize their community for a visit from the hospital outreach team, where they receive a seminar on HIV transmission, prevention, testing and living with the virus. Club participants receive HIV testing so they know their status and how to protect it.

♥ Club Sessions Led by Girls: Practice Being a Mentor

Girls put their training into practice in three Club Sessions during the year, where they discuss topics needed in their community. Girls can choose any Girl Power topic that they have learned in the program and that they feel their community could benefit from. They mobilize other girls and lead the session in partnership with an adult Girl Power Advocate from their community. It gives them an opportunity to practice being a mentor by sharing their knowledge with other girls.

What the Girls Are Saying:

Mary, Age 12

“Through the Girl Power club sessions, I have learned it’s important to stay in school and to get more knowledge and information.”

Cathy, Age 13

“In the training I learned about menstruation. So when I had my first period, I knew what to do and I also help other girls in the same situation by telling them what they should do to make sure they go through the period with ease.”

Joan, Age 14

“Before, I was so shy I couldn’t even speak to people. Now I can speak to people freely and I’m assertive. I make sure that that person understands me well. I learned how to protect myself. I learned that I should not be violated and I should have my human rights respected.” 

Fiona, Age 13

“Since the last Girl Power training, my self-esteem has improved. I love myself more than ever before.” 

A Girl Power Success Story

How Joan is Empowering Uganda Girls with the Girl Power Project®

From Girl Power Project® student to mentor to Just Like My Child intern. Read how the project has transformed Joan’s life and has her walking confidently down a path toward being a gynecologist and obstetrician. READ MORE

Our Partners

With support from our partners, the Girl Power Project® is providing girls with the tools they need to successfully navigate adolescence. Some of our partners include:


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Help us pass the Girl Power Project® on to more vulnerable adolescent girls living in poverty.
With a small investment, you can transform a girl’s life and future:


…giving her the opportunity to become a Peer Mentor, equipped to teach others about the rights a girl has to her own mind, body, and future.


…through the Girl Power Project®, empowering her with the tools she needs to stay in school and avoid forced child marriage, early pregnancy, and disease.


…through the Girl Power Project®, empowering them with the tools to stay in school and avoid forced child marriage, early pregnancy, and disease.


…for $10,000 or more you can bring the Girl Power Project® to an entire community, reaching up to hundreds of girls and their community members.

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