Start a Fundraiser for the Girl Power Project®

Start a Fundraiser for the Girl Power Project®

You can change a girl's life.

Start a campaign to help bring the Girl Power Project to more vulnerable adolescent girls who deserve to stay in school and reach their full potential.

Starting a fundraiser is easy.

Create your fundraiser.

Within minutes you'll be ready to start raising money to help us reach more vulnerable girls through the Girl Power Project.

Spread the word.

Use the sharing tools provided on your fundraising page to mobilize your community to help you achieve your goal.

Follow your impact.

You'll receive photos and GPS coordinates so you and your supporters can connect to the community of girls you've helped.

Campaign Inspiration:

You can do anything to raise money. Here's what these passionate supporters did to make an impact:

Zak's Library

For his 13th birthday, Zak raised funds as part of his Bar Mitzvah project to help a community build a library at one of the schools served by JLMC and the Girl Power Project in central Uganda. What began with ideas and a bit of land is now a building with two rooms and a round outdoor rotunda that will serve as a reading area for students, a safe after school space for girls, and a community space for parents and teachers.

Willow's Camp

Willow decided to forgo gifts for her 13th birthday and instead raised over $10,000 for the Girl Power Project. The money she raised sponsored a Camp Girl Power, a two-day sleepover camp where 100 adolescent girls received advance training to become mentors for their peers. In 2016, Willow traveled to Uganda with JLMC to attend the Camp she sponsored and meet the girls benefitting from her support.

Tim & JJ's Wedding

As entrepreneurs and global citizens passionate about making a difference, JJ and Tim invited their friends and family to invest in the futures of vulnerable adolescent girls in lieu of wedding gifts. They are avid supporters of Just Like My Child Foundation and are committed to educating the world's most vulnerable children, particularly girls.

How Your Fundraising Goal Transforms Lives:

$500 Empowers 10 Girls

Transform the lives of 10 vulnerable girls aged 12-15 through 60+ hours of workshops, camp, and club sessions taught by local mentors over the course of two years. 

$5,000 Sponsors a Camp for 100 Girls

Sponsor a Camp Girl Power for 100 girls! This two-day sleepover camp brings girls together for advanced workshops that equip them to become mentors and role models for other girls in their communities.

$10,000 Uplifts an Entire Community

Bring the Girl Power Project to an entire community, reaching hundreds of girls and their family members. You'll start a ripple effect that has the power to transform the next generation of families in a rural area.

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