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Wanna change the world? So do we.

You know who you are. Every day you’re called to be part of the change that you’re waiting to see in the world.

You understand the power that resides within you, and that you are here, at this time, in this moment, to be a part of the solution. You know that you can do more — something BIG — with your knowledge, your passion, and your power.

So join us…

The League is a network of extraordinary women leaders who support Just Like My Child Foundation’s (JLMC) mission to empower vulnerable adolescent girls through the Girl Power Project®.

Join a sisterhood of impassioned women who are committed to making a difference. In parallel to JLMC’s work to empower women and girls globally, The League will also empower YOU year-round, to build your own power within, power with others, and power to activate change in your community.

Watch this video to learn more about how The League is just what you need to take better care of you!

Enjoy these core benefits as a League Member:

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    A Letter Exchange with a Girl in Uganda

    …whose life is being transformed as a result of your membership and support.

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    Tools to Host Gatherings of Your Own

    …that mobilize your community to make an impact and leave a legacy.

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    Exclusive, Members-Only Gatherings

    …that grant you unique opportunities to network, refuel your soul, and connect with other extraordinary women (up to four events per year).

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    Be Featured on JLMC’s Website

    …while showcasing your membership on your own website.

By joining, you empower 10 vulnerable adolescent girls through the Girl Power Project®.

As a League Member, you're invited to exclusive gatherings!

As a League Member, you will have access to tools, networks, and resources to uplift yourself so that you can continue to do what women do best—EVERYTHING. At our next Gathering, you’ll learn something new, create powerful relationships with other extraordinary women, and leave feeling inspired and refueled to live your best life.


The Girl Power Project

The League supports Just Like My Child Foundation’s mission to empower vulnerable adolescent girls. Our work is driven by love and the possibility of the unreasonable, because we believe that every child is just like my child.

Just Like My Child Foundation (JLMC) has locked arms with a growing army of parents, teachers, health care providers, local police, and concerned community members who now have the tools to rise up and protect the rights of children — especially girls.

Through the Girl Power Project®, girls are gaining the tools they need to stay in school and protect themselves from the obstacles they face living in poverty—forced child marriage, early pregnancy, disease, and violence.

When you join The League, you empower 10 adolescent girls living in poverty with the skills, resources, and networks of support that help them reach their full potential to live their best life.

Your annual support transforms the lives of 10 adolescent girls through the Girl Power Project®.

Your Support Empowers 10 Adolescent Girls

60+ Hours of Curriculum Delivered to Each Girl Over Two Years

Your Support Empowers 10 Adolescent Girls

Girl Power Project® Book and Videos

Specialized Training for Adult Role Models in Each Community

Local Community Outreach

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