Our vision is to empower one million vulnerable adolescent girls and the
communities they live in, thereby creating a dramatic improvement in the world’s
health, economic stability and environment. Join Us.

Sponsor girls’ empowerment in rural Uganda and bring Girl Power to an entire community.

Educating girls dramatically improves the wellbeing of their families, their communities, and their countries – multiplying the impact on the rest of the world.

Start a fundraising campaign to empower vulnerable adolescent girls to stay in school, avoid early pregnancy, disease and death so they can live out their dreams.

Our work has empowered over 200,000 individuals in 76 communities
in Uganda, East Africa. And 1,500 individuals in 2 communities in Senegal, West Africa.
Here’s how we help children, families and communities escape the cycle of poverty:

Empowering Women and Girls: A Holistic Solution

Our programs work together to empower vulnerable girls to escape the cycle of poverty and create healthy, self-sustaining families who prosper without further aid.

Our Results: Impact, NOT Overhead

We provide transparency on the long-term return on investment of our donor’s dollars.

Our Plan to Reach 1 Million Girls

By 2021, 1 Million girls will be taught the Girl Power Project curriculum by peer mentors.