Admittedly, these days, good news can seem in short supply. But one of the things that we’ve always focused on is “what’s going right, what’s going well?” We can always complain, or we can find the silver lining. So, during a year when adolescent girls faced more challenges than ever, we’ve got several bright spots […]


Dear Just Like My Child supporter, I received this message from Sr. Ernestine at the Bishop Asili Hospital in Uganda. I met Sr. Ernestine 15 years ago and she has been our close partner and “fixer” on the ground in Uganda, always directing us towards the most useful programs for donors’ time and money and […]


JLMC Founder, Vivian Glyck, featured in More Magazine for humanitarian work in Africa Jan Goodwin shares Vivian’s story of how she came to Uganda to help Bishop Asili Hospital. By Jan Goodwin for MORE Magazine | June 2008 Jan Goodwin, an award-winning journalist, frequently writes about international issues. The following article was originally published in […]


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