Texas A&M Partners with JLMC to Measure Girl Power Project Impact

Texas A&M Students with JLMC’s Uganda Team: Mitch Baker, Lindsay Coleman, Marcus Jenkins, and Darienne Davis with JLMC Uganda Staff.

Four post-graduate students from Texas A & M University (TAMU) – two from the Bush School of Government and Public Service and two from TAMU’s Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications, have returned home to the United States after they interned in Luwero, Uganda with JLMC over the last two months.

The students spent their time in Uganda evaluating whether engaging adults and boys in the Girl Power Project ® contributes to improved conditions for a girl to live an empowered life. This investigation will focus on the resulting relationships that a girl has both in and outside her home  — with her neighbors, school teachers, local police/authorities, adult role models, and other members in her community.

JLMC is thrilled to have partnered with such a highly regarded school for this unbiased, outside evaluation of the Girl Power Project. The ensuing evaluation, due by the end of 2018, will give Just Like My Child Foundation and other organizations insights on the impact at the community level of empowering girls and women in the developing world.


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