2015: A Year in Review

Thank you!

2015 was an amazing year of progress that we have been able to achieve because of your commitment to adolescent girls!

Recent world events have shaken the foundation of what we know is right and true. Many times we find ourselves wondering what we can do or how we can make a difference. At Just Like My Child Foundation, we are committed to doing the next right thing to help stabilize our planet: supporting vulnerable adolescent girls to avoid the deadly pitfalls of extreme poverty, including forced child marriage, dropping out of school, rape, disease, and early pregnancy.



Oprah and Just Like My Child Foundation Pay Tribute to Debbie Ford


As many of you may know, Debbie Ford – beloved author, transformational speaker, and founder of The Collective Heart – passed away Sunday night in the company of her family. After a nearly two decade-long battle with cancer, Debbie was ready for life’s next adventure.

Oprah just posted a beautiful tribute to Debbie and in her honor, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is airing an encore of Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” interview with Debbie Ford on Sunday, February 24, 2013 at noon ET/PT. Then, tune in at 1 p.m. ET/PT to watch Debbie’s past Oprah Show appearances.

Follow the link on Oprah’s blog post to watch Vivian Glyck’s moving video tribute to Debbie Ford.

IMG_1777Beyond her deep friendship with Vivian, Debbie was a champion for Just Like My Child Foundation’s cause. First, by helping to build several schools in rural Uganda – where children who would otherwise not have access to education are now thriving with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Next, Debbie and The Collective Heart took on the Girl Power Project pledging $100,000 to help empower 10,000 at-risk adolescent girls in Uganda. Many of you have seen photos and updates from our first official Camp Girl Power, held in January – none of it would have been possible without Debbie and The Collective Heart’s support and passion.

In lieu of flowers, her family has asked that donations go to The Collective Heart to carry on Debbie’s legacy of compassion and empowerment, by touching the lives of over 10,000 girls in Uganda through Just Like My Child Foundation’s Girl Power Project.

JLMC-522-October_25__2012“I have been speechless with gratitude for many years for your constant grace in my life and for the family rituals we shared together. I know I must have been very good in some previous life to have had you as my soul sister. You embodied “tough love” right until the last minute and wouldn’t let me get away with anything but loving myself entirely. I know you are smiling on me, on us, but I MISS you already and will always carry your encouragement and love in my heart. Zak told me today that you were his “God Aunt” and that he was so sad he didn’t get to say goodbye to you. And then we had a beautiful conversation about you as a mother and how we would send Beau love everyday. You cracked my boy’s heart wide open even as you slipped out of your body. I’m sure you will work your magic for many more, and we’ll all just have to be courageous enough to do it with you in spirit, rather than in body. I love you always Debbie Ford.”

– Vivian Glyck, Founder & Executive Director, Just Like My Child Foundation


Hey, don’t tell me I didn’t give you a heads up …

One of the most frequent questions people ask me is, “How did you get started with Just Like My Child?”

The answer to this question may not appear to have anything to do with me encouraging you to buy your ticket to our gala this year (which is about to sell out and ticket prices go up tonight, August 1, at midnight.) BUT if you bear with me, it will all make sense soon…

Vivian and her son at one of JLMC's school communities in Uganda last year.

When my son was born in 2002 (he’ll be ten-years-old tomorrow:), the doors to my heart were blown wide open, and I knew when I looked into his eyes for the first time, that my love and energy had the power to make him thrive. And it has.

I don’t really have many judgements about how people live. To each his own. But the one thing I hate and am obsessed with is the systematic abuse of children and their rights. I’ve lost a lot of sleep imagining the terror of Jerry Sandusky’s victims — especially while I have a 10-year-old boy of my own — don’t let me get started on that case!

I don’t tell a lot of people this, but starting at 4-years-old, I was abused in every possible way by people I should have trusted the most. Many nights I cried for help. And no one came, until finally at 14-years-old I was old enough, smart enough, strong enough to stand up for myself.

I never forgot how lonely and terrified I was in the grip of my perpetrator’s madness. And although I never made a vow to myself to save the world from jerks like him, I knew I needed to be a voice for the voiceless. Once my son was born, I found the real focus for my passion.

And then I realized that every child is Just Like My Child, and each and everyone of us at JLMC have passionately committed ourselves towards protecting the rights of the world’s most vulnerable — especially women and children.

Just Like My Child was born out of a dream I had one night. In the dream children were crying in desperation, and they were half a world away. I’ve since realized that they are us, and we are them.

We have answered their cries and have alleviated the suffering of thousands of women and children — and the best part is that they are now standing on their own, independent, strong enough, smart enough, empowered enough to use their own voice to rise up and out of the cycle of poverty.

On Thursday, October 25, at the fabulous BICE Ristorante in downtown San Diego, we will be honoring a host of warriors, HEROES we call them, who have heard the same cries and stepped in line with us to become a legion of activists who are making a profound difference in the lives of thousands.

These are our HEROES, many of whom I’m sure you know. They’ve put their money, their sweat, their time, their connections all on the line to give a child, many children, the opportunities they were not born into. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Please join us.


Purchase Tickets Today
There are 15 General Admission and a handful of VIP tickets left.
Capacity is strictly limited to 120.
Ticket prices go up tonight, August 1, at midnight.

P.S. No kidding, no scarcity play here. This event is just about sold out. PLEASE don’t tell me I didn’t give you a heads up. Thursday October 25, San Diego, CA. Be a voice for the voiceless.


A Hand Up, Never A Hand Out – Recap


Photo by Daniel Juare

This past October we celebrated our 5th Annual Gala: A Hand Up, Never A Hand Out at the historic El Cortez in San Diego, California. We are happy to report that we were just shy of reaching our goal of $300,000.  We would love to reach this and even go beyond, so read on to see how you can help.

The evening could not have been made possible without the generosity of El Cortez for its fabulous space as well as all guests present. MBK Associates went above and beyond to ensure a beautiful event occurred and Jared Cohen, our keynote speaker and founder of Google Ideas was the icing on the cake.

Mr. Cohen spoke of the huge impact technology is having in Africa and how we will all benefit from the growth of entrepreneurship and creativity on the continent while embracing their innovation. Our Master of Ceremonies Joseph McClendon III was amazing and on fire. Our other guest speakers Brendon Burchard (Global Humanitarian Sponsor) and David Smotrich, MD (Donor of The Smotrich Kitchen) were fantastic and helped emphasize the importance of our Hand Up and Never A Hand Out philosophy in developing countries such as Uganda.

Photo by TRJ Photography

We honored three very talented and important women who have supported Just Like My Child extensively. Dr. Puja Shah was honored as a woman changing the world in the category of children’s health because of the tireless work and effort she has put forth at the Bisop Asili Hospital dental cllinic in Luwero, Uganda; we honored Monica Nyiraguhabwe for her work empowering girls who’s voice would often never be heard without her help; and we also honored Judith Akware, our extraordinary head teacher at The Children’s Academy for the Collective Heart. Judith has chosen, against all odds, to be different, we celebrate the life-saving differences she makes in our communities. We honored these women for their astounding work and contributions to The Just Like My Child Foundation.

Photo by Daniel Juare

Professional entertainment provided by Pro Motion Entertainment and Rezident Management was incredible and the food was memorable.  Fiscal Sponsors and donors of food and beverage include: The Burchard Group, The Collective Heart, Bert Lei Family Jewelers, The Lost Abbey, Bice, Magners Irish Cider, The Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Hotel, Solare, Culinary Concepts, searsucks, Mitch’s Seafood, Catalina Offshore Products, Coast Catering by Barry Layne, Stone Brewery Co., Twin Treats, Nika, Cien Anos, Cupcakes Squared, Sweet Thoughts, Todd Ichinaga, Green Beans Coffee, and Sushi James.

Photo by TRJ Photography

We had the best photographers in San Diego to capture the evening and make everlasting memories: Daniel Juare Photography, Christalle Clear Photography, and TRJ Photography.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Thank you everyone for the awesome turnout and supporting Just Like My Child Foundation. Also, please help us reach our final goal of $300,000 by donating here. Small or large amounts go a very long way in rural areas of Uganda and assist us with showing Ugandans how to create sustainable businesses, educate children and adults, and maintain healthcare, to name a few.



A Hand Up, Never A Hand Out

While in Uganda, the sustainability of our programs inspired us so much that we’re calling our 5th Annual Gala “A Hand Up, Never A Hand Out”. We would love for you to be a part of this special evening. On Thursday, October 13th, 2011 from 6-9PM, we will celebrate at the historic and iconic El Cortez on 702 Ash Street, San Diego, CA 92101.

The attire is Black Tie OR your most fun cultural garb that you never get to wear!

Opened on Thanksgiving Day 1927 and nestled atop San Diego’s Cortez Hill stands the historic El Cortez. The carefully restored landmark is this year’s host for Just Like My Child Foundation’s 5th Annual Gala.

In one of the most exquisitely designed rooms in the state of California, we will honor those individuals who have truly helped us make a difference on the other side of the world. Since 1927 Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Obama have all entertained in the $24k Don Room. Stars from Elvis Presley to Spencer Tracy to Jimi Hendrix have spent time in this amazing space.

In attendance will be an intimate host of celebrities, spiritual and personal development experts, and passionate supporters. Join us for this exclusive autumn gala and enjoy an intimate audience with VIPs from Hollywood, publishing, personal development and more.

ImagePlus, you’ll learn what life is like in the field and how your contributions are eradicating poverty permanently for thousands of people.

Please take a moment to secure your admission by clicking here.

Once you register, we will keep you updated on confirmed celebrity attendees, event details and the unbelievable Live Auction items we’ll have for you that money just can’t buy.

(NOTE: We have had a wait list of 100 in the past – tickets will sell out rapidly and we cannot increase capacity.)



David Beckham Promotes Anti-Malaria Campaign with Horror Movie Trailer

If you want the world to listen (and watch) put a video on YouTube and watch it go viral, right?  Well there is a very special and poignant movie trailer that has more than 43,000 views and it is not even about a movie.  It is an amazing way to bring attention to malaria and what can be done to end it by 2015.

David Beckham and Andy Murray are promoting what looks like a horror movie entitled, The Hunting Moon. The teaser trailer is only 20 seconds.  At the end it spurs the viewer to go to the website and watch the one minute trailer with a link that reads Click Here for the Full Horror.  Who could resist?  Only after you are hooked and interested in finding out when the movie is released, are you invited to watch the Reveal Trailer – a second trailer that provides statistics, prevention and education about malaria in a visually appealing and almost “hip” way.

Kudos to the creators of this video series for bringing the deadly affects of malaria to the world’s population in a viral way.

Watch the teaser trailer herehttp://www.youtube.com/TheHuntingMoon or click on the video below.

At Just Like My Child we are so grateful for your donations.  We continue to apply the much-needed funds to supply the poorest communities of Uganda with mosquito nets, malaria medications and education to help reduce the catastrophic number of annual deaths from malaria.

Please help us continue our efforts to help so many young children and their families take control over the health and circumstances by making a donation.  https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=26195&Itemid=108watch?v=PQ3TJDZuTSc



How You Can Share a Meal and a Passion – Part 2 of 2


Alicia Bausley, business owner of Empowered Business Entrepreneurs described in her previous blog post how she easily put on a  fundraising dinner party for her friends and easily raised $3,000 for the Just Like My Child.  She was kind enough to share her quick instructional video and templates with us.


I am just like anyone else who is reading this – I am someone who wants to be able to give back in some small way and do something that I know is doable for me and that may take some effort but will help to create fun with friends and funds for Just Like My Child Foundation.

Your event does not have to be over-the-top.  It can be as casual as a spaghetti-fest with a Cesar salad and garlic bread and charge only $25-$30 and have 10 people over.  Some people may not think this is grand enough, but a $300 donation to Just Like My Child can help an entire family become self-reliant through the Project GRACE program.  $300 – that’s it!

If we all come together as a community and pay it forward to a worthy cause that has hands-on programs.  With just a small amount of money Vivian can do wonders.  If you think about the fact that a mosquito net is only $10, one dinner party can help 30 people in preventing malaria.  Every little bit helps and there is no donation that is too small.

In the simplest form, putting together my dinner party only involved emailing my friends, following up with a phone call and then sending out invitations only to those who confirmed (saves you money and time)

If you are reading this and you think it is a lot to do, it really isn’t.  To help you I have put together a quick video to explain the process.  Below the video you can get access to templates of the various documents I used so that you can simply recreate the steps by filling in your own information.

Download Dinner Party Templates here:

Fundraising Checklist for Just Like My Child Foundation

Dinner Party Email Invitation

Just Like My Child Dinner Invitation Template

JLMC Auction Item Template

Click here to learn more about Just Like My Child Foundation’s programs or to Donate.


How You Can Share a Meal and a Passion – Part 1 of 2


As a business owner of an internet marketing firm Alicia Bausley is passionate about helping other small business entrepreneurs become successful.  We had the pleasure and good fortune to meet Alicia at an event this past year and her remarkable tenacity and giving heart led to the beginning of a great concept.  Here she shares, in her own words, what she did to affect so many struggling families in Uganda.  The best part is her idea is simple to duplicate.

When I met Vivian Glyck and Mike Koenigs this past year at a live event it was perfect timing.   I had been looking for a way to make a contribution to a charity that was very near and dear to my heart.  The mission of Just Like My Child struck a chord with me because we have the ability to empower women and children in Uganda from across the world.  I realized that I had the potential to contribute in two ways; (1) my partner, Lisa Hanfileti and I could contribute by donating a percentage of the profits from some of our products and services, and (2) we could go beyond that to create a grassroots effort to raise funds.  We enjoy a challenge and we did not want to be complacent and comfortable.  We wanted to push ourselves a little bit and see what we could do to create some activity.  What was born out of our brainstorming was a simple and fun way to raise money.

Our grassroots program consisted of putting on a fundraising dinner or cocktail party at my home and then helping to motivate other people to do the same.  It is a great way to create a sense of community and raise money for a cause you are passionate about.

Here is how easy it is.  I invited 20 of my friends and I charged $100 per ticket.  The way I marketed it to them was to say that when we go out to dinner we usually spend $100 – $150 for a nice evening. Would they  like to come with your spouse ($200 total) and have a nice dinner with friends, get a tax write-off and feel great knowing that 100% of their money was going to support Just Like My Child’s programs in Uganda.

To create a viral effect I also encouraged those friends to host their own dinner or cocktail party with the same motivation.  I have even reached out to other organizations to see if they can do the same.  It does not have to be extravagant.  I happened to work out a trade with an executive chef that was at a local hotel.  He saw that the cause was very worthy and he came into my home and did all of the cooking.  I in turn helped him with marketing.  My husband and I picked up the cost of the food and the wine – which was our donation to JLMC.

We were also able to secure additional items to raise money through silent and/or live auction and raffle items.  I went to businesses that I work with or give business to (dry cleaner, salon, etc.) and I was able to get gift certificates donated.  By doing some of these little bonus items with very little effort we were able to raise nearly $3,000 for Just Like My Child and enjoy a great evening with 20 friends.

In this blog post Alicia shares a quick video of how you can put on your own dinner or cocktail party.  She also shares with you simple, downloadable templates for each stage of the planning process.  It is simple, easy and inexpensive.

Click here for more information about Just Like My Child Foundation’s programs or to Donate.


Women Changing the World Award Recipient is Close to Our Hearts

DSC_7257Help us celebrate!  One of our own is honored!

Empowering women and girls through micro-enterprise, education and healthcare is our primary focus and we are proud to announce that this idea of women changing the world has a very local connection here in San Diego.

Just two weeks ago our Founder, Vivian Glyck was honored as a winner of the Speak for Success Women’s Leadership Institute “Woman Changing the World Through Transformation” Award.  It is a tremendous honor for Vivian to be considered and then voted as a winner for this humanitarian award.  The Institute shines a spotlight on San Diego’s extraordinary women as leaders who have made significant contributions encouraging, supporting, and empowering women and families in their organizations and communities.

We are so proud of Vivian’s dedication and commitment to transformation for so many women and girls in Uganda.  When we asked her how she felt about the award of course her response was, “it is wonderful awareness and visibility for all of the great programs byJust Like My Child Foundation to help one of the world’s most impoverished communities.  I am honored by the acknowledgement of the efforts of our entire staff.”

Speak for Success Women’s Leadership Institute helps women overcome abuse and trauma in their lives.  As their President Dana Bristol-Smith explains, “We are the ‘what’s next’ for women who are really interested in reaching their full potential.  I love watching the transformation that happens when women build their self-confidence and self-esteem – they become unstoppable!

When you read the definition of Speak for Success Women’s Leadership Institute, it makes perfect sense why Vivian was honored by this organization – it is in complete alignment with Vivian’s inspiration for creating Just Like My Child.  Does this sound familiar?  “An extraordinary program that provides an enriching empowerment and leadership program to women overcoming serious adversities including domestic violence, homelessness, addiction, and mental illness.”

Graduates of the Speak for Success program go on to become inspirational leaders in the community, helping others as they themselves succeed.

You don’t have to be nominated for an award or make a huge contribution of time or money to make a difference in a woman’s life.  Giving from the heart is about doing what you can, whenever you can without expecting anything in return.  When you follow you heart and contribute to organizations and events that are aligned with your passions, you receive in more ways that you can imagine.

Please support our continued efforts to empower women and girls to transform their lives by making a donation here.


JLMC Mission and Fashion Come Together – Don’t Miss It!


In just a few days we will have the opportunity to partner with many local San Diego artists to support and celebrate the beauty inside every woman and the strength of the human spirit in all of us.

On Thursday, September 23, 2010 Just Like My Child Foundation will be part of San Diego’s first fashion and photography show celebrating the beauty of women. The event will be hosted by local fashion designer, Jeana Feely of Jeana Marie Fashions and joined by Stacey Blanchet of Blanchet Designs. Attendees will also enjoy the phenomenal photography of local photographers Jennifer Sweigaret (Jennifer Sweigaret Photography) and Erin O’Leary (Eolea Photography).

Many of you are familiar with Just Like My Child Foundation’s mission to empower women and children to reach their full potential through improved Health Care, Education and Microenterprise in Uganda.

Vivian Glyck, Founder of Just Like My Child will be walking in the fashion show and briefly speaking about the progress and resources needed to continue to develop and empower the poorest communities of Uganda to move towards self-reliance.

100% of the proceeds from the RIE Fashion and Photography Show go directly to Just Like My Child. We hope to see you there for this wonderful event.

RIE Fashion and Photography Show
Thursday, September 23, 2010
6:30 pm
Hard Rock Hotel, Downtown San Diego

For more details about this fantastic event and to purchase tickets, please visit www.JeanaMarieFashion.com.