The Girl Power Project® Report

Sending you strength and resilience through this time of uncertainty. We too, are finding ourselves
in uncharted territory and are taking the opportunity to pause, reflect and continue on our mission
to educate and empower girls around the world in ways that we haven't before.

Uganda Update: A Message From Just Like My Child’s Country Director in Uganda, Audrey Kanyesige

Dear Supporters,

Greetings! We in Uganda are thinking of you daily and hope that you and your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones are all healthy, safe and well.

COVID 19 has placed us in uncharted waters. This health, social and economic crisis has an even greater negative impact on adolescent girls in Uganda who are now out of school. When girls are out of school and isolated in this context they are at greater risk of becoming victims of rape, violence, early pregnancy, forced child marriage and food insecurity. It’s exactly the circumstance we have worked so hard to help girls avoid.

And yet, the investment that you’ve made in the future of these girls through Girl Power Project® has created grit and resilience to guide them through these times. Every decision we make is being guided by our long standing commitment to putting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable adolescent girls and their broader communities at the center of our work. 

We are happy to report that our team is healthy, safe and social distancing. With your support we are working with our most vulnerable girls remotely every day to proactively implement measures that protect them through communication, education and prevention. We are sending our Mandela Project sponsored girls funds via mobile money for essentials such as food, medication and soap to ensure they are not forced to use their bodies -- sometimes the only asset they own -- to pay for their basic needs to survive. 

Moreover the girls -- over 20,000 of them now who have gone through Girl Power Project® have access to Community Legal Volunteers and Girl Power Advocates-- individuals who serve as critical point persons for girls to access via phone. They are going above and beyond in their role as leaders and champions of girls in this especially difficult time. 

The value of the seeds we have planted by working hand in hand, day after day, at the deepest of grass roots with our fellow community members is bearing more and more fruit as these leaders shine in these challenging times.  

We could not be more proud that our Girl Power Project® trained girls are bravely and confidently working together to protect themselves and their communities from COVID19 and other threats. Scroll down to read some of their testimonials.

Please take extra good care of yourselves and be brave, even if you are scared. We will come out on the other side of this stronger than ever.

With gratitude, love and in solidarity,
Audrey Kanyesigye
Country Director - JLMC Uganda 

The resiliency in our girls brings to mind a quote. Being brave doesn't mean you aren't scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway.”
- Neil Gaimen

Read below how resilient our Girl Power Project® Girls are...

Fundraising Pivot: Saturday Night Fever(less) Dance Party for Girl Power Project® and Native American Elders

Just Like My Child Foundation has spent the past 13 years supporting vulnerable adolescent girls and their families, beginning in Africa. In 2020 we began working in the US with indigenous Native American girls who face unspeakable odds, and in India with girls who live in near constant uncertainty. The isolation and unknowns we face today aren't so different than what our girls face in their lives EVERYDAY.

We teamed up with JJ Virgin, Tim Organ, Mike Koenigs, JP Sears and Rockin DJ Sammy Shoe Box Moses and created Saturday Night Fever(less) Dance Party on April 4. With well over 100 attendees and a virtual line-at-the-door, our fundraiser was a streaming success! 

Those in poverty and isolation are the hardest hit during the COVID-19 crisis. Donations not only helped fund bringing The Girl Power Project® to the Native American girls of the Great Sioux Nation in South Dakota, it has helped support our partners, Sinew, as they purchase and distribute much-needed food, sanitary supplies, and other household necessities to families and elders isolated on the Cheyenne River Reservation. The closest grocery store for this community is over an hour away with owners monopolizing goods during this time. Fighting the effects of this virus is one thing but to do it in poverty and isolation, no one deserves that.

Watch a recap of our event below! If you're interested in hosting your own virtual
dance party fundraiser, please contact! 

Fundraising Dance Party Funds Necessities for Native American Elders During COVID-19

We are so grateful that through your contributions, our partners in South Dakota, Sunny Red Bear and Nikkole Bostnar of Sinew, are able to purchase and deliver care packages to dozens of elders on the remote Cheyenne River Reservation where the nearest grocery store is over an hour away and the Covid-19 quarantine restrictions make it so difficult for them to obtain basic necessities.

Your support is also assisting us in expanding our Girl Power Project® programming and protecting the girls we work with in Uganda who are more at risk than ever when out of school, quarantined, and isolated from a support system. THANK YOU for making this happen!

We had such great feedback that we're already planning our next virtual event - and will be accommodating those who donated, but were unable to get in due to issues with Zoom and the payment processor.

A special thank you to the VIP's who donated to make this all possible - your VIP contribution will be honored through the next event as well!

   Making a Difference For the Most Vulnerable During Covid-19 Crisis

May Join Us May 10th for Girl Power Game Show Hour

Save the Date! Save an hour for us on Mother's Day, May 10, at 10:30 am PDT for our next Virtual Event: Girl Power Game Show Hour which will include edutainment (and prizes) for the whole family! More info coming to your inbox soon.

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