EDUCATION The Girl Power Project® is designed to ensure that adolescent girls living in poverty get the education they deserve. Learn More EMPOWERMENT Through the Girl Power Project®, Joan has learned to mentor other girls to stay in school, to avoid early pregnancy and disease and to envision and plan for their future. Learn More LEADERSHIP By connecting her with a dedicated sponsor, Mwajumah is attending one of the best secondary schools in Uganda and has access to books, supplies and academic mentoring. Learn More JLMC and Sinew are partnering to bring Girl Power Project® curriculum to the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation in South Dakota. Learn More EMPOWERMENT The number of known incidentsof missing and murdered Native American women in 2016. 5,712 The Girl Power Project® works to equip adolescent girls with the tools and skills to avoid early pregnancy. Learn More REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Willow raised over $10,000 for her 13th birthday to sponsor a Camp for 100 girls in the Girl Power Project® GET INVOLVED Grace and Rachel can walk to and from school every day knowing that their community has rallied around them to prosecute the perpetrators of sexual violence. Learn More JUSTICE

Our mission is to empower vulnerable adolescent girls by enabling them
to create healthy, self-sustaining families who prosper without further aid.

Our History


Since 2006, JLMC has collaborated with communities in central Uganda’s Luwero District to holistically address poverty and injustice through community-based solutions. As a result, improvements in healthcare, education and microenterprise are now self-sustaining and we have become a widely recognized and trusted resource.


JLMC has developed a replicable curriculum—and system of delivery—to empower girls with the tools they need to stay in school and avoid child marriage, disease, early pregnancy, and violence. Our girls—aged 12-15 years—receive 60+ hours of Workshops, Camp, and Club Sessions taught by local mentors over the course of two years in central Uganda.

Start a Campaign


There are many ways to begin transforming the world, one girl at a time, in collaboration with JLMC—start a DIY fundraiser, join our extraordinary League community, host a hygiene party, travel to Uganda and meet the girls benefitting from our support, sponsor a girl through secondary school, or make a simple donation to benefit our Girl Power Project®.

The League is a sisterhood of impassioned women who support Just Like My Child Foundation’s (JLMC) mission to empower vulnerable adolescent girls through the Girl Power Project®. In parallel to JLMC’s work to empower women and girls in Uganda, being a member of The League will also empower YOU year-round with intimate gatherings that build your own power within, power with others, and power to activate change in your community.


As of 2017, the Girl Power Project® has reached over 3,500 girls at 47 primary schools in central Uganda. At the halfway point of the two-year program, results show that Girl Power Project® participants are gaining more knowledge, life skills, and assets that strengthen their ability to successfully navigate adolescence.

81% can identify risks of early marriage

…compared to 40% of girls at the beginning of the program and 50% of girls not trained in the program.

92% can explain how a girl or woman becomes pregnant

…compared to 74% of girls at the beginning of the program and 76% of girls not trained in the program.

93% have a higher attitude regarding their self esteem

…compared to 61% of girls at the beginning of the program and 76% of girls not trained in the program.

“Without Girl Power, I wouldn’t have known that my body belongs to me.”

Naluzze Joyce, Age 14

“I learned that every child has a right to live a violence-free life.”

Nakalema Joyce, Age 13

“Now I have a responsibility to advise other girls, as they have advised me.”

Nabagasera Jackline, Age 14

A Girl Power Success Story

How Joan is Empowering Uganda Girls with the Girl Power Project®

From Girl Power Project® student to mentor to Just Like My Child intern. Read how the project has transformed Joan’s life and has her walking confidently down a path toward being a gynecologist and obstetrician. READ MORE


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With support from our partners, the Girl Power Project® is providing girls with the tools they need to successfully navigate adolescence. Some of our partners include:


Got Girl Power? Pass It On!

Help us pass the Girl Power Project® on to more vulnerable adolescent girls living in poverty. With a small investment, you can transform a girl’s life and future:


Give a girl the opportunity to become a Girl Power Project® Peer Mentor, equipped to teach others about the rights a girl has to her own mind, body and future.


Send one girl through the Girl Power Project®, empowering her with the tools she needs to stay in school and avoid forced child marriage, early pregnancy, and disease.


Send 10 girls through the Girl Power Project®, empowering them with the tools to stay in school and avoid forced child marriage, early pregnancy, and disease.


For $10,000 or more, you can bring the Girl Power Project® to an entire community, reaching up to hundreds of girls and their community members.

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