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Our mission is to empower vulnerable adolescent girls by enabling them
to create healthy, self-sustaining families who prosper without further aid.

Our History


Since 2006, JLMC has collaborated with communities in central Uganda’s Luwero District to holistically address poverty and injustice through community-based solutions. As a result, improvements in healthcare, education and microenterprise are now self-sustaining and we have become a widely recognized and trusted resource.


JLMC has developed a replicable curriculum—and system of delivery—to empower girls with the tools they need to stay in school and avoid child marriage, disease, early pregnancy, and violence. Our girls—aged 12-15 years—receive 60+ hours of Workshops, Camp, and Club Sessions taught by local mentors over the course of two years in central Uganda.

Start a Campaign


There are many ways to begin transforming the world, one girl at a time, in collaboration with JLMC—start a DIY fundraiser, join our extraordinary League community, host a hygiene party, travel to Uganda and meet the girls benefitting from our support, sponsor a girl through secondary school, or make a simple donation to benefit our Girl Power Project®.

The League is a sisterhood of impassioned women who support Just Like My Child Foundation’s (JLMC) mission to empower vulnerable adolescent girls through the Girl Power Project®. In parallel to JLMC’s work to empower women and girls in Uganda, being a member of The League will also empower YOU year-round with intimate gatherings that build your own power within, power with others, and power to activate change in your community.


As of 2017, the Girl Power Project® has reached over 3,500 girls at 47 primary schools in central Uganda. At the halfway point of the two-year program, results show that Girl Power Project® participants are gaining more knowledge, life skills, and assets that strengthen their ability to successfully navigate adolescence.

81% can identify risks of early marriage

…compared to 40% of girls at the beginning of the program and 50% of girls not trained in the program.

92% can explain how a girl or woman becomes pregnant

…compared to 74% of girls at the beginning of the program and 76% of girls not trained in the program.

93% have a higher attitude regarding their self esteem

…compared to 61% of girls at the beginning of the program and 76% of girls not trained in the program.

“Without Girl Power, I wouldn’t have known that my body belongs to me.”

Naluzze Joyce, Age 14

“I learned that every child has a right to live a violence-free life.”

Nakalema Joyce, Age 13

“Now I have a responsibility to advise other girls, as they have advised me.”

Nabagasera Jackline, Age 14

A Girl Power Success Story

How Joan is Empowering Uganda Girls with the Girl Power Project®

From Girl Power Project® student to mentor to Just Like My Child intern. Read how the project has transformed Joan’s life and has her walking confidently down a path toward being a gynecologist and obstetrician. READ MORE


Get inspired by stories and informed by updates.


With support from our partners, the Girl Power Project® is providing girls with the tools they need to successfully navigate adolescence. Some of our partners include:


Got Girl Power? Pass It On!

Help us pass the Girl Power Project® on to more vulnerable adolescent girls living in poverty. With a small investment, you can transform a girl’s life and future:


Give a girl the opportunity to become a Girl Power Project® Peer Mentor, equipped to teach others about the rights a girl has to her own mind, body and future.


Send one girl through the Girl Power Project®, empowering her with the tools she needs to stay in school and avoid forced child marriage, early pregnancy, and disease.


Send 10 girls through the Girl Power Project®, empowering them with the tools to stay in school and avoid forced child marriage, early pregnancy, and disease.


For $10,000 or more, you can bring the Girl Power Project® to an entire community, reaching up to hundreds of girls and their community members.

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