Meet Our Founder

Message from our Founder, Vivian Glyck

Dear Friends:

Many people have asked me how and why I started working in Uganda, East Africa. The video on this page gives you a good idea of my journey, but like many initiatives, I can see that getting to this point has been part of a longer journey that all took on a faster pace after my son was born in 2002.

Becoming a mother didn’t just open my heart to my own child, but as so often happens, it opened my heart to the needs and concerns of mothers and children all around the world. I came to understand and respect mortality – that we all have a limited time to make our impact on the planet. I developed a keen sense that the world is so small, it is really just one community, and I realized that taking care of oneself means heeding one’s calling – without hesitation or deliberation.

Our Founder

I often get asked… Why Africa?

Our Founder

I know that there are so many children all over the world who need love and care. I know that there are children living in poverty and despair with no hope to carry them through the day.

But nothing compares to the statistics that affect children in Africa:

To date, 17 million Africans have died of AIDS. How can anyone even comprehend a number like this?

And it doesn’t stop there…

Over 12 million

children are already orphaned by AIDS. Imagine the children you know, suddenly losing their parents. Now imagine these children with no resources whatsoever.

30 Seconds a child in Africa dies of malaria – that’s 3,000 childen EVERY DAY.