Project “Keep a Mother Alive” Saves Thousands of Mothers

33-year-old Nakalembe Norah arrived at the Bishop Caesar Asili Health Centre (BCA) with serious labor complications. She had been in labor for 2 days, having sought medical care first from a midwife in her village, then a rural health center with virtually no equipment.

After examining Norah, the doctors at Bishop Asili discovered the baby was in a breech position (feet pointed down in the uterus instead of head pointed down). Due to the prolonged labor and position of the baby, Norah’s uterus was about to rupture.

The medical team immediately prepped Norah for surgery and performed an emergency c-section. Hours into the surgery, she delivered a baby girl with an abnormally large head, a condition called hydrocephalous. Tragically, her daughter lived for only one day.

However, Norah survived her surgery with no more complications and was discharged four days later.

Norah and her daughter were the first patients to undergo surgery in the newly built and equipped surgical suite at BCA, which was funded by the Just Like My Child Foundation. Without this addition to the health centre and the new medical equipment, BCA may have been one more health care provider unable to care for Norah and her daughter, and Norah almost certainly would have also lost her life.

Just Like My Child Foundation has been supporting the BCA since 2006, ensuring the health and wellbeing of women and their children in the Luweero, Nakasangola, and Nakaseke Districts of Uganda by increasing their access to health care and health education.

In 2011, as part of the Keep A Mother Alive Program JLMC funded the construction of an ambitious operating center, complete with three individual operating rooms, equipment, electricity and air conditioning. Since the start of Project Keep a Mother Alive, countless women and newborns have beaten the odds of death in childbirth.

Norah’s situation might have been avoided if she had access to pre-natal care. Many families like Norah’s cannot access health care due to the distance and transportation costs to reach health centers. In response, JLMC and BCA have began an outreach program where doctors and health care workers make “house calls” in the local communities – educating and treating patients who don’t have ready access to the hospital.

The medical team, funded by Just Like My Child, has been traveling to different remote villages on a weekly basis to provide much needed medical services such as immunizations, HIV/AIDs testing, volunteer counseling, TB and anti retroviral treatments, and health education.

For only $300, you can help keep mothers alive by giving a hand up to the Bishop Caesar Asili Health Centre medical team to conduct outreach services for 5 remote villages, helping save the lives of hundreds of deserving families.

    • Tessa Davis
    • June 12, 2012

    We take so much for granted in the way of equipment and access to medical facilities in the United States. Project Keep a Mother Alive and the community outreach activities are an essential life saving effort! Thanks to all who contribute to this important aspect of JLMC’s work in Uganda. I would encourage you to continue giving.

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