Help me send this girl to college to study medicine.

My name is Nabatanzi Joan. I have participated in Just Like My Child Foundation's (JLMC) Girl Power Project since 2009. After graduating from the program in 2012, I was impassioned to teach other girls what I learned so I started my own Girl Power Project Club at school. I led discussions among my peers so that other girls would know their rights and how to protect them. We talked about our goals and what steps we should to take to achieve them. We began with a group of only a few girls and now, we are many.

My dream is to become a gynecologist so I can continue to help girls and women. I want to help reduce the high infant mortality rate and the high rate at which mothers die. I must help girls until my last breath.

— Nabatani Joan, 17 years old

Today, Joan has become a role model to hundreds of girls in her community and continues to lift others up, helping them to reach their full potential. Needless to say, she remains JLMC's most influential Girl Power Project Graduate and Peer Mentor in the communities JLMC serves.

After her father passed away from AIDS, JLMC's Sponsorship Fund helped Joan's family keep her enrolled in school. This year, Joan will complete her last year of high school at the very top of her class. Her high marks in school and ambition have put her on the path to pursue higher education. Her dream is to go to college and medical school to become a doctor. My birthday wish is to help her get there.

— Arielle Ford

My goal is to start a college fund for Joan's undergraduate tuition by raising $5,000 (tuition for undergraduate education in Uganda is approximately $5,000 per year). In an area where families live on less than $2 per day, even the smallest contribution has the power to transform this girl's life and future. In lieu of a birthday gift for me, consider giving to Joan's college fund:

for honoring my birthday by supporting
Joan's dream of medical school.

— Arielle

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