Project Universal Education

“There is no development tool more effective than education of girls and the empowerment of women”

– Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General

The fastest way to eliminate poverty is to educate girls.

Education is more than just a classroom.

Since the launch of Project Universal Education in 2008, Just Like My Child has worked closely with communities that are ready to rise up and take their children’s education and safety into their own hands. Through a co-investment with communities in rural Uganda, we have built and invested in 25 school structures in five vulnerable rural areas.

Thousands of children continue to attend clean, bright, and safe schools with books and inspired teachers that they previously never would have been able to access – transforming the potential of their futures.

We strive to ensure each classroom is equipped with the tools to support quality, sustainable education – even beyond learning materials, books and desks. Our coinvestment model ensures that communities themselves own the school, quality of education, and maintenance.

Teachers’ housing at each school ensures that school starts on-time, the property remains safe, teachers are inspired, and communities are strengthened.

Training workshops are held for parents so they can learn to how best to support their children in school. Our expert Ugandan partners on the ground facilitate enriching and sustainable education workshops with motivated teachers within our school communities. And we’re teaching administrators and teachers how to fundraise so they can continue to invest in and maintain a high quality of education.

By co-investing with communities in education at the primary (or elementary) school level, we’re ensuring a quality education is awaiting all children. As a result, schools have become self-sustaining – parents, teachers and community members have mastered the skills to operate and manage their schools without further outside investment.


Total Lives Impacted

this year alone
*20,023 Indirect









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Invest in education and break the cycle of poverty:

$100 | Classroom Learning Materials

Invest in quality education with learning materials like picture books, wall charts, puzzles, art supplies, science models, geometric building blocks and more.

Make A Change!

$400 | Invest in a Teacher

Teachers’ training workshops strengthen the quality of education for an entire school community.

Make A Change!

$800 | Ensure Health & Safety

Invest in the health and safety of school learning environments by contributing to lightning rods that keep students safe from weather hazards, and water tanks that protect from communicable diseases.

Make A Change!

$2,500 | School Income Generation

Provide the seed for a school community to create an income-generating project, so that any further investments required to sustain a quality educational environment can be owned by school leaders and the surrounding community.

Make A Change!

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