The Mandela Project

The solution to a nation’s problems must come from within.

Just Like My Child Founder, Vivian Glyck, with
Mandela Project students in Uganda (pictured left to right:
Nalubombwe Josephine, William Kiberu, Veronica Nankubuge, Nyangoma
Rachel and Namata Jospehine).

Leadership is not always synonymous with power, and as we’ve seen too

often, power leads to corruption. Leaders like Nelson Mandela have been

naturally followed because their message resonates with an inner knowledge

that we all have about truth, justice, equality, and human dignity.

Our Mandela Project is inspired by the belief that access to high quality

education and professional training can promote true leadership, not just in

government, but in health care, the justice system, and beyond – giving hope

not just to individuals, but to their communities and ultimately their country.

The Mandela Project promotes higher education through the sponsorship of

education for exceptional youth, ensuring high-performing yet vulnerable

students receive a high quality education as well as mentoring and career

planning. Individual students are matched with a donor, or “sponsor”,

fostering a connection that in several cases has lasted years and enabled

students (and their families) to overcome numerous obstacles.

In addition to investing in exceptional youth, our Mandela Project also invests

in the vocational education and professional development of individuals who

have shown themselves to be real leaders in their community. In many cases, it

costs less than $5,000 to send a teacher or health care professional to one of

the best universities in Uganda for continuing education.

The Mandela Project is giving talented individuals the resources they need to

reach new heights in their professional careers and make a lasting difference in

their communities.

The Mandela Project is planting the seeds for leadership in Uganda so

solutions grow from within the country.

Support The Mandela Project

It costs just $2,500 per year to send a child to one of

the best schools in Uganda, including tuition, room and board, uniforms,

health care, counseling and extracurricular opportunities. Sponsored youth

pay it forward by mentoring peers in their community during school breaks

and participating in community service.


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