Our Story

We began working in Uganda, East Africa in 2006 with a small clinic, Bishop Asili.

At the time, Bishop Asili had sporadic electricity and very few services for the 200,000 people it served in 50 rural communities. We worked hard with Sister Ernestine, the clinic’s administrator, just to keep the lights on. Together, our partnership eventually developed that small clinic into a fully equipped teaching hospital – with electricity, medical and diagnostic equipment, an ambulance, a surgical facility staffed by highly-trained physicians, a professional development program for medical staff and health outreach services for the community.

Even with all of this infrastructure, we continued to see the same issues over and over again: girls dropping out of school, becoming pregnant, frequently dying in childbirth. Teenagers testing positive for HIV/AIDS, rape and domestic violence victims returning home after treatment for their injuries to live with their perpetrators – with no hope for justice.

We quickly realized our work had to extend beyond the hospital walls, out into the community. Otherwise, our efforts would be like mopping up the water from an overflowing sink while the water was still running: we would never stop the flood of need until we stopped the human rights violations where they occurred.

In response, we created a holistic system of programs that would uplift entire communities and help them stop the overflow of human rights abuses and ignorance that kills children. Each one of our programs has been carefully developed in response to our ultimate commitment – to empower women and girls to achieve their full potential.


Empowering Women and Girls: A Holistic Solution

To date, our Holistic Solution, through our partnerships on the ground and support from our donors have generated massive results:

We’ve Saved Over


Mothers’ Lives

We’ve Put

364 Families In Business

We’ve Had

1,700 Girls

participate in our Girl Power Project® –
where zero girls have dropped out of school and only one girl has become pregnant.

We’ve Built


School Structures